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Get your message out to prospects and customers with our powerful email marketing service plan. Send your message directly to your prospects or clients’ inboxes. Plus you can track reader activity, and send targeted messages based on website browsing, and more. In order to grow revenue and brand awareness, we help companies build strong foundations. The best results are achieved by using methods across platforms.

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To run an effective email campaign, you are supposed to need a marketing department. This is one of the most stubborn misconceptions about email marketing. You can grow your business by attracting the right audience, generating leads, closing deals more quickly, and delighting your existing customers so that they become your brand ambassadors.

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Attract prospective customers, nurture leads

Email Campaigns

To stay on the minds of your audience, you need to strike an effective balance between email marketing and social media marketing. Putting too many emails in a box - or ones that remain unread at the bottom - doesn't work.

Customer Segmentation

Segmenting customers aims to maximize the value that each customer can provide for a business by choosing how to relate to them. It enables a company to identify certain traits and factors that can be used to differentiate and manipulate various types of customers.


Tests for A/B versions of pages are conducted by randomly displaying two or more variants to visitors, and then using statistics to determine which variant performs better for the desired conversion.

Lead Scoring

Customers’ lead scoring helps you identify your most valuable future customers. Explicit and implicit scoring can be utilized on your website to develop lead scoring systems.

Retargeting Campaigns

In retargeting, you are targeting people who have previously shown interest in the brand, product, or service. With our consultants on board, your marketing team can optimize advertising spend and boost conversions with retargeting.

Email Personalization

Email personalization is a vital step toward driving higher customer engagement and helping your business succeed. Outbrain empowers your business with the best personalization experience in the industry.

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