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From Website Design to Marketing your Business and Generating New Leads for your Custom law firm, We offer a Whole Package.

Award-Winning Custom Lawyer Web Design Agency

Custom Law firm’s website design clients have trusted us to create stunning and professional websites for them for over 13 years. We are most popular with our clients because we know what to do without being told. We provide tons of helpful advice to help them succeed online for years to come.

WiseWebPros has helped many Custom Lawyers grow their practices since 2010. Our company specializes in Custom Lawyer Web design, but we also provide content writing, law firm SEO, PPC, logo and branding, email marketing, and social media marketing.

Providing same-day customer service and SEO and internet marketing services have assisted companies in expanding their business and promoting their services.

For Custom Law Firm Websites, We Do:

Boost your Online Business

Law firms compete fiercely online in a hyperconnected world. As part of our holistic approach to digital marketing, we ensure you appear at the top of search engine results and in front of prospective clients.

Website Restoration

We can help you manage your existing well-optimized custom law firm websites, improve their appearance, organize their content, make them mobile-friendly, and make them easy to edit and add features to.

Re-Design the Entire Website

Every website includes a custom design, mobile-friendly responsive coding, easy editing tools, a comprehensive content review, professional copywriting from an attorney, and on-page SEO.

Custom Law Firms Rely on us for Web Design and Marketing

Custom Lawyer Web Design Services

Generally, all good websites share certain basic features. The layout of a well-designed website should be logical, and easy to follow, and the overall appearance should look professional and polished. It should be easy to navigate, with clear and concise menus and buttons.

Custom lawyers can also benefit from these web design principles. A successful divorce attorney website should take potential clients into account. It should be easy to navigate, with easy-to-understand information.

A lawyer’s website should also provide contact information so that potential clients can easily get in touch with him or her. Creating informative and user-friendly websites can be achieved by following these basic principles of web design.

You Can't let your Custom Law Firm have a Poor Website Design.

A Custom Lawyer Web Design is the most important part of its marketing.

There are plenty of law firm website designers out there. Some even design attractive sites. Unfortunately, a lot of these other custom lawyer web design companies fail to deliver the two most important aspects of custom lawyer web design: creating a site that turns visitors into leads, and ensuring search engines appreciate your website.
We at WiseWebPros build modern websites designed for lawyers who need both the brilliant looks and the SEO goodies under the hood that will appeal to the search engines.

Since we work with lawyers in some of the most competitive cities in the country, we understand what it takes to rank on the first page of Google, and how to convert those precious website visitors into clients. Our experience has established us as one of the most respected custom lawyer web design companies.

What Makes our Custom Lawyer Web Design Services Unique?

Industry Leader

We have been creating and managing websites for Custom Law Firms and Attorneys since 2010. We have remained in the legal industry for so long thanks to the high-quality websites we create.

Assurance of Quality

It is crucial to eliminate bugs prior to handover to the client and to ensure functionalities are at par before launching the Website.

Modern Design that Converts

We create only modern, cutting-edge websites that make use of the technologies of today, as well as the marketing strategies currently used by the industry.


Our company is always up-to-date with the latest search engine guidelines that are being issued by search engines.

Absolute Transparency

Having a slow-loading website will get you in trouble with both your visitors and search engines. With us, all of our designs are fully optimized and thoroughly tested for performance.

Lawyers' Special Edition

Having been in the legal marketing field for over 13 years, we know what works and what doesn't. The designs we create are carefully structured to drive traffic to your site and capture potential leads.

Develop a Plan

We work closely with our talented tech architects and interface designers to determine the appropriate features and integrations for your business from the very beginning.

Web Design Experts

Our unique process, including our software development pros, will dive deep into your web project and ensure that your legal website is optimized for both aesthetics and functionality.

Development Process

We work with you to develop a user experience based on research and analysis. Together, we explore prototyping tools to create a digital product that avoids common pitfalls.

One Place Business Solution

As an experienced Custom lawyer web design agency, we offer you a full package of services for your law firm website. From simple web design for custom lawyer to complex SEO, Social media marketing, and PPC for leads generation, we offer one place service.

custom lawyer web design

Discover how our Custom Law Web Design Services Make a Difference.

Marketing, SEO & PPC That Gets Results.

Once your website is online, you will need to build traffic. There are two main methods for doing this: organically or paid.

Backlinks from legal directories, legal organizations, other law firms, news, media, government, education, and other authoritative websites are necessary for organic rankings. We assist clients with setting up a plan to publish and build that authority online.

As a Google Premier partner, we are certified in search ads and mobile ads and have members with Google Analytics IQ certification. We set up Adwords / Ad accounts and manage them on a monthly basis. Our team writes ads, creates landing pages, creates bids, sets up locations, demographics, and more. The results are also monitored daily/weekly.

Through our marketing techniques and SEO, we have helped law practices increase their conversion rate from 0% to more than 500% in a month. Our PPC page explains how we set up PPC for law firms.

What Makes WiseWebPros Different??

A digital marketing agency that specializes only in design & development or marketing is not a good choice if you want to scale your business quickly.

WiseWebPros can help you bring in new clients at any step of increasing your law firm’s online visibility. Here’s how:

Providing Services to Clients Worldwide

Our team has designed some of the finest custom web desigin for lawyer in 20 countries. Furthermore, we have run several successful SEO and Internet marketing campaigns


Having a high ranking on search engines and PPC campaigns can help you generate leads. You can also count on us for social media, content marketing, and internet marketing.

Clients Trust Us!

We have a lot of positive reviews online from our clients. We have an average rating of 5 stars out of 5 stars from 120 reviews, which is pretty good.

Legally Drafted and Edited

We only hire attorney-writers. Your site's content will determine how customers perceive you. We create clean, compelling, internet-friendly content that matches your audience's needs.

PPC & Google Adwords

We are Google Premier Certified. We can give your law firm more exposure by creating Google Ad campaigns. Google Ad campaigns have a high return on investment and they bring results quickly.

Internet Marketing

The beginning of true Internet marketing is your website. The rest is content, SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, and more. We can help leverage internet marketing for your business growth. Let us help you grow your business.

Lead Generation Services for Custom Lawyers

Your Custom law firm may struggle to differentiate itself from other local firms when operating in a competitive market.

At WiseWebPros, we offer a multifaceted approach to making your firm more visible, including providing you with a professional website and a comprehensive SEO plan.

Additionally, we offer PPC campaigns and social media marketing to help you get the most exposure across all channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

We make our sites easy to manage, even for those without technical expertise. If you need assistance, we are always happy to help.

Due to recent Google algorithm updates that include page speed as part of a ranking factor, attorneys and law firms have been paying more attention to the speed of their websites.

With our technical expertise, we are able to load most of our websites in under a second, which is faster than 90% of all websites online.

We do. We use a cloud-based, ultra-fast platform that we customize to fit our needs.

If you have specific questions about our hosting platform, please contact us. We only host websites that we manage (in order to prevent poorly built sites from becoming a security risk for our other clients).

All of our website designs are custom, 100% unique designs that we can both be proud of.

Our line of work is unique. A website for a small or solo practice usually starts at $999, and the price can vary greatly depending on the scope and size of the project. For clients who need digital marketing as well as a custom website, we offer special discounts.